Water Update: August 2, 2019

Hello Neighbors!

We’ve posted the latest information from Northdome on the current water situation to Facebook several times, but the post keeps disappearing. So, here’s what we’ve got as of Friday, 8/2/19… In short, the water is safe.

“We have made sure that the plant is producing clean water and have run extra tests to see if there is any way it’s coming from the plant. We have found nothing. The complaints started Tuesday on Schoharie Turnpike and have moved to the Village. On Tuesday we determined that discolored water was moving into the tank on Dogwood Lane, but was leaving the tank clear. On Wednesday it was clear going in and discolored going out. As of today still clear going in and slightly discolored going out. We can find no leaks that would be causing this. The water is safe to use. We have taken extra tests throughout the distribution system to make sure that the disinfection is adequate throughout. We will continue to monitor the situation over the weekend.”

In addition, the Village DPW is flushing a hydrant on upper Second St. that Northdome believes will assist with the situation.

Most importantly, YOUR WATER IS SAFE!

We’ll do our best to keep you posted as we monitor the situation.