Water Update: August 16th, 2019

Hello Neighbors!

On August 12th, the following message was posted to Facebook and to the Athens Community Board:

Due to a valve rebuild at the Dogwood Ln. water storage tank today, your water may appear discolored. Northdome is on the case and the water is safe for consumption. However, you should check your water’s appearance before washing any white laundry. Northdome and the Village DPW will be flushing the system tonight, you may see them in the area. Their efforts should resolve the situation within about a day.

It was brought to our attention today that a few residents are still experiencing discoloration. However, everything went according to plan and the water at the Dogwood Lane tank, the WWTP and Brick Row is all clear. Apparently the water is just taking a bit longer to clear in some areas of the Village and the issue should resolve itself shortly.

Again, the water has been tested and properly treated, so it is safe!

Thank you!